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Grout Beautiful has been serving the residential communities of Ft. Lauderdale and surrounding areas since 2002. Over the years, we have seen a variety of dirty grout and tile from lightly to heavily soiled and have successfully restored their condition to a "new look" every time.

Restoring your grout will resolve the following issues:

  • We will permanently seal your grout so soil will not continue to absorb into the grout and discolor and stain it.
  • We use a penetrating color seal that blends with the color and shading of your tile. This changes the appearance of your floors from a checkerboard look (which focuses on the soiled grout lines) to a "sea of tile" which creates the "new look" of your floors.
  • The "new look" we have created for your tile floors can be retained with normal household cleaning.

Our experts are trained professionals who will evaluate the condition of your tile and grout and select the right penetrating color seal to perfectly match the color scheme of your home.

Grout Beautiful Process for Applying Penetrating Color Seal

  • Floors are mopped with a prep-crystal solution that emulsifies the grout (opens the pores) and cleans the surface soil off the tile and grout.
  • We extract the prep-crystal solution from the surface of the floor with an upright vacuum system and then further dry with air blowers.
  • Grout Beautiful technicians then apply the penetrating color seal by hand to each of the grout lines, which absorbs into the grout.
  • We apply a minimum of two coats of penetrating color seal and touch up to ensure consistency of color throughout your home.
  • The final step is to machine buff and/or damp mop your tile to leave our floors with the "new look."

Bathroom Re-Grouting

When the grout in your bathroom is unsightly or discolored, it can be restored to a "new look" by re-grouting the surface of the grout lines. We remove the existing surface of each grout line and replace it with new grout. We also replace all existing caulking so you end up with bathroom that has that "new look" again.