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Why not just clean my floors and use a clear seal?
The soil has penetrated into the grout, and cleaning would only remove the surface soil. The discoloration of the grout would return in a very short period of time.

How long before I can walk on my floors after the work is completed?
The color seal dries to the touch in 10 minutes and can be walked on immediately. It takes 24 hours to cure before it can be wet mopped.

Will the color seal stain or discolor?
One of the features about the penetrating color seal is that it is so strong and resistant to stains. Penetrating color seal is made with titanium to be durable and resistant to stains.

What are the benefits to using penetrating color seal?
It seals the grout so that soil and stains will not penetrate but stay on the surface, allowing easy cleaning. It enhances the appearance of your entire home or business and establishes a cleaner environment. It looks great and creates that "new look" for your floors.

How long does it last?
We guarantee the work for five years on residential applications and three years on commercial applications. If you maintain your floors using the appropriate cleaner, the penetrating color seal will last indefinitely.